As a visual designer I strive to make things that are memorable, well made and considered. I get genuinely excited by the stuff that doesn’t make sense and enjoy trying to work it out. Nonsense and abstraction inspires me to do more interesting work. Stripped back, clean design pushes me to be more ruthless.

I find it easy to do solid work when I’m amongst people who put passion, honesty and craft above politics and ego. I take my work seriously, but not myself. I don’t hate Mondays. I don’t love Fridays.

In the last 15 or so years I’ve worked in Wellington, Sydney and Amsterdam at Resn, Reborn, Random Studio, Special Group, Maud, R/GAMarcel, CHE Proximity, Design.Studio and Howatson+Company. I’m currently living in Papamoa, New Zealand and working at SuperNatural.

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Demian Hamann
+64 22 434 6498

8secondz App Page
Art Direction
Visual Design
8secondz was an app that aimed to capture the hearts and minds of young, wannabe influencers. This audience is savvy, and has little to no time for boredom. So why let their eyes rest at all?

The app site threw over-sized product explanations at visitors while relevant animated GIFs added to distraction and visual clutter. The aim here was to be brash and in your face all with tongue firmly in cheek.